Why Outsource?

Accuracy and Efficiency:

Accurate and efficient billing services are essential. Errors in billing can lead to delays in reimbursement and legal issues. Lake State Business Solutions has a track record of high accuracy and timely submissions.

Lake State Business Solutions believe in being transparent with our clients, especially regarding fees and charges, which builds trust with our healthcare providers. Clear, upfront pricing and transparent reporting of billing activities are crucial.



Staying up to date with the latest healthcare regulations and ensuring compliance is essential. Lake State Business Solutions has a strong compliance program and keeps its clients informed about any regulatory changes that may affect their billing.

Different healthcare providers have unique needs. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each client, whether it's a small practice or a large hospital system.

Customized Solutions:

Experience and Expertise:

Lake State Business Solutions has an experienced team of billers who understand the complexities of medical. Our team demonstrates expertise in various medical specialties.

Lake State Business Solutions prioritizes a patient-centric approach which creates a positive experience for your patients. We deliver clear and friendly communication with patients regarding their bills and payment options.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Credentialing Services:

We offer credentialing services in addition to our billing services This streamlines the onboarding process for new providers and ensures that they can bill for services as soon as they start.

We provide insightful reporting and analytics that can help healthcare providers make informed decisions about their practices. Lake State Business Solutions offers robust reporting tools that help’s our clients interpret the data.

Reporting and Analytics: