A breakdown of 2024 split or shared visits

Nurse writing on a clipboard with a pen.

Let’s break down the concept of split (or shared) visits and explore any recent developments associated with this practice.  Split or shared visits refer to Evaluation and Management (E/M) encounters where both a physician and a qualified healthcare professional (QHP) from the same group practice participate in providing care to a patient in a facility…

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The Top Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing: A Provider’s Blueprint for Resilience

Doctor writing notes in front of x-ray images.

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, sustaining a thriving medical practice demands a dual commitment to patient well-being and financial astuteness. From the perspective of a healthcare provider, the unwavering efficacy of outsourcing medical billing emerges as a pivotal strategy, fostering stability and growth within the practice.  1. Expertise Amplification: Outsourcing medical billing grants access…

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